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Making your own clan LOGO

Hi guys.
Its me again

I wanted to go over a couple issues that are asked by many of people.
first one is making your own clan logo. This is not a hard thing to do, almost everyone could do it.

I will take you step by step on how to start a clan, make rose zuly a clan logo, and to manage your clan.

ok first step.

1.) You can not make a clan till you have reached lvl 30. But i do reccomend you to not even start a clan or join one till your lvl 40 or 45. I'll tell you why. The whole part of a clan is to gain clan levels and to battle other clans at the clan fields. Other wise if you want to start a clan early to get to know your clan members...thats completley fine. Its better to know them to just invite them because you need members. Just give it some time and i swear it will pay off . .

2.) When you want to name your clan make it personal. Dont try to copy someone else cause it will make you look bad XD.

3.) Coming up with a clan slogan was the hardest for me. rose zuly I dident know what to think of so i just left it blank .

4.) Now when its time to change to make your logo that you want custom it'l come later.

5.) Basically chose any logo you like because it wont matter because you already have a custom one in mind.

6.) Ok. Weve gotten past all the requirements and the basics, now lets move on to making your own clan logo. Ill brake this down for you so its easy to understand.

Making your own clan logo:

Step 1.) If you have Windows you can go to "start, All programs,Accessories,and then to paint.

Step 2.) Once youve got the Paint screen up you qill go to "immage, and then to attributes where you will see "width and hight". Click on the box, press backspace 4 or 5 times or until the numbers are gone. Then you will want to put 20 in width and 20 in highth

Step 3.) For then it will be a 20x20 immage which is the numbers required to rose zuly make a custom logo. WARNING IT WILL NOT WORK IF ITS ANY BIGGER OR ANY SMALLER.

Step 4.) Press ok after you have put "20" in each box, "H" and "W"

Step 5.) Dont be afraid...your immage will look about the size it is on the game and it may be hard to make if it's that small. You will then go to view and press zoom and then Large Size.


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