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F2P Games News: Iris Online’s First Expansion

The gypsy-themed MMO, Iris Online is preparing for its first major expansion, V1.18! Slated to debut this Wednesday, this expansion comes loaded with new features, bug fixes, and expanded content.

With a new dungeon, dozens of new monsters, and four new maps, players will be able to explore more than thirty new zones, while enjoying a level cap increase from 55 to 60. Each new map, from the desolate Corrupt Valley to the lush Eternal Forest, will have monster level ranges from 50-62. The new PvP zone, Spirit’s Shelter, will offer a new ferocious field boss and the adorable Cactus Monsters. Players 40+ will also have access to the new Wood Garden dungeon, where they must defeat three separate bosses before battling the epic final boss.

Thanks to feedback from the community, this patch also introduces key bug fixes and removes the “Force” mechanic so that the Battlefield experience is more balanced. In addition to a new guild system, this expansion will also introduce level 60 Epic Items into the loot table. V1.18 will also showcase revamped Item Enhancement Auras that electrify with sparkles, and several new mounts and costumes in the Item Shop!

With more costumes, more mounts, and more maps coming soon, Iris Online (Iris Online Gold)continues to grow and thrive and welcomes new players to see why Everyone Loves Iris!

Iris Online is a 3D MMORPG set in a fantasy world where three races, Human, Elf, and Human-Animal Hybrids co-exist. A highlight of Iris’s features includes cute graphics, mountable monsters, and PvP combat. Yet, Iris’s card system sets the cute anime style MMO apart from the rest. Tarot cards in Iris can be worn to customize and advance characters in unique ways. Monster drop cards allow characters to transform into vicious fiends for a limited time. In addition, Iris’s magical cards can be used for item reinforcement.

While cute and charming on the exterior, Iris is a fully-featured MMORPG, including instanced dungeons with special PvP areas for players to explore and conquer. With 22 dungeon themes and a monster transformation system, Iris appeals to anime fans as well as fierce adventure seekers!

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