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Castle Wins the War(A)

Security Council on weekdays between the fixed times of the day, siege warfare in each weekend 20:00 to 10:00, two small time (as the case may be adjusted). Every Friday to the statistics of the resul..


4 Story 2nd Pre-OBT is Coming Soon

4Story, the player can experience a wide variety of quests, territory battle, real-time strategy command system and so on. According to ZEMI Interactive, the real-time strategy command system is a sys..


Games Play or not To play

4 story gold is exactly the same problem they played wow for so long that they have forgoten that if game looks similar and plays similar its not the same unique features different races skills look a..


4Story Tips for Chatting

4Story !4 story gold , please read the following steps and hope you like it ...All : Allows you to chat with everyone within the server.General : Allows you to chat with players within the same area.W..


4Story Chat and Character Commands

4Story , if you are prepare to join the chat system you should have a look about the following tips .4Story Gold players.Type in /all or /a message.Type in /general or /g messageType in /whisper name ..


4Story Titans is archer guide

4Story guide for Titans archer , if you also want to do this build you can read the following information as a reference .4Story Gold .4Story Gold both pvp and pve. this means the more dmg u can do wi..


4Story Feran def warrior build

4story players , welcome to our website !4 Story gold , maybe it is not so perfect but we must credit to the author Rufus Rhiem for give us this precious build .Please read it on !4 Story Gold .4 Stor..


4Story Summoner Is Summon Skills

4Story , wish helpful for you .4Story Gold ? MMOfisher is your best choice , We promise our delivery is the safest . Come on !Please read it on !4Story Gold.4Story Gold members in party and friendly p..


4Story aims for New Partnership

4 story gold has put continuous effort to extend its business to meet MMO lovers worldwide.4 story gold regions to complete our portfolio. We still have few sits available on our ship to come aboard. ..


4Story Hints and Tips

MMORPG !4Story , hope helpful for you ...4 story gold with 10% bonus ) 2. MP potions are just about useless as of now. Just sell them seeing how they take valuable space.4 story gold !


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