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Top 10 Most Anticipated MMOs

Blade and Soul, I presented these two games to you as the most anticipated games of the year, but they both decided to remain still eventually. Just as how I thought last year, I still reckon the two have little possibility to be released simultaneously this year. Only one of them is possible to go live, but it's more likely that they both won't enter the market till "the end of the world". XD.

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For example, in North America, Blade Soul Gold last year showed up at many game exhibitions including Gamescom, Comic-Con, PAX and the one held in Seattle, USA, making public much content including gameplay, classes, skills, screenshots and gameplay videos. The official company also launched an official blog for the game, and released the latest game info periodically. Meanwhile, the in-game dynamic events system's veil was raised, and the development team will unveil the game's 5th class. In the past internal test, it seemed that Guild Wars 2's high-level content was abundant and the dynamic events system took shape too. The game is expected to undergo a slightly-larger-scale stress test and receive players' feedback very soon. At this point, I guess Guild Wars 2 will at least enter the CBT stage and meet the audience, with its release date depending on the CBT status.

In South Korea, Blade and Soul was also busy. With Christmas approaching, NCsoft held a non-public test party for Blade and Soul in its R&D Center, and invited game fans to test the game in the headquarters directly. Generally, participants of the test thought highly of the game quality. Focusing on fighting effects and variable skills, Blade and Soul displays a very strong oriental martial arts style. Maybe, it is a game designed for Asia. The development team once even went to Taiwan for the sake of creating high-quality concept arts of in-game scenes. It seems that only NCsoft knows when Blade and Soul will meet the North American players.


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