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Output Skills have four disadvantages

Dragon Nest output Skills have four disadvantages:

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1, one after the release of Sage can not do anything else, or although the state still retained, but you do other things in the process is not invincible and the counter, and was then able to restore the state space, under certain circumstances into the abyss This can be fatal.

2, this skill though the process is unbeatable, but it itself can also be frozen and Paralysis effect of interrupting binding class (such as holy shock), but you’re not invincible after the break, and then refer to the abyss blamed the attack and attack as well as your sincere desire after the general release of the Dragon Nest Gold group in which the center of strange, even to Sage’s high defense, they have Dragon Nest Gold(basic not die though it wants to).

The abyss is under some scenarios a large number of Master of ice and have frozen mine monster ability (such as mantras Ghoul), so when the pain is eggs.

3, pious though instantaneous, almost impossible to break, but the pious will release space required by the onset, this time it can be interrupted, though still in effect even if they are interrupted by piety, If you press space effect can continue devout, but many do not know the specific people will think that devout release fails, then table had

4, pious this skill you have to attack each other to be effective, but Sage is basically a copy of hatred can be said that the value of the minimum full employment, so if you are behind with the release of devotion to one when the archers, mage or warrior. Okay, or devout attitude to lift it, strange that you will not be a bird, and therefore, although a single brush, said better, Dragon Nest Gold but if the team Buy Dragon Nest Gold, if the team does not tie you, Sage of the BT skills to really not to be enchanted.

Release on Sage’s pious shot actually have nothing to say, by gliding, the skills of running red shield heap blame can be released, but in the final seconds to pull back when I do not recommend such pious disappear, but the choice almost disappeared in the release of pious divine vengeance to blame all around fly out to play, so take shield block when the following can be completed relatively safe release, while Sage’s counter-attack high, can help maximize the output of.

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