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Five Quick Tips Upgrade

First: Keep in mind that the level difference on the map more than eight tasks, must be pure light. (Perfect World Task a lot of money drops, many sisters cried no money, in fact, the task of pure light to 24J or so, should have more than 10,000 poor more than 8 a) 

Second: When you reach 22J, apart from You Shi tasks, in the Wo site, Yunling hills with purple exclamation point task, the task is 50 cycles. Each purple exclamation point, there are about 10 rings or so. You Shi received only 50 finished the task, Perfect World Gold can do this. (Remember the first task of these two maps clear light yellow)

Third: to run on the 18J of the fairy ring, it is recommended: look at the experience of running multi-ring, but in fact is a waste of time, unless you really do not matter, then do this, the pure light of the task than the good to brush FB .

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Fourth: When you get to 25J, they can dig up the treasures of the task. That every map has a trickster elders. Access from his mission, 50 the text of that money to buy the map. This task is simple, Perfect World Gold the experience is not bad. 1000 is probably penny a day or so. The first thing on the line every day is to dig the treasure ^ ^

Fifth: I've found are like sisters to the FB, the FB experience is to change, if it is to practice J, I suggest not to go, even to brush equipment, pre-FB did not need to go, because now upgrade quickly, equipment out faster, to rush to class is crucial.

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