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All Points Bulletin (APB) Review

All Points Bulletin (APB) – a game where you either love it or you hate it. Realtime Worlds (developer) partnered with EA (publisher) to make apb gold a reality. The idea behind the game is actually quite simple. A city where Criminals run wild – breaking into buildings, stealing cars, running people over, setting bombs, and more. These Criminals are kept in line by the Enforcers (citizens who have been given a license to arrest or kill criminals.) You'd imagine a persistent world where the two factions would fight over territory, and if that's what you're looking for in APB, at this time, don't bother with it. 

While APB doesn't bring contested land to the table, it does bring highly addictive and fun gameplay to the table. At heart, the game should be considered an MMOTPS (Massive Multiplayer Online Third-Person Shooter.) While the gameplay is very fun, apb gold there are some issues with the game, which I'll talk about later.

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Character creation in APB is, in my opinion, second to none. When players create their character, they will choose one of the two factions (Criminal or Enforcer.) Then, players will create the look of their character. In APB, if you can envision what you want your character to look like, there's a good chance you can make that dream a reality. Almost every aspect of your character can be adjusted. In addition the changes your character's proportions, you can also change the coloring and styling of his/her different aspects (depending on what you are changing.) For instance, there are around 30 different hair styles to choose from, each which can be changed in color and different options toggled to change how they look.

Customizing your character doesn't end once they are created, though. In the game, apb gold players have access to the Social District. This area is the only place you can be in the game which doesn't use your hours. As the name hints at, there is no combat in this district. Instead, both Enforcers and Criminals use this area to meet peacefully with each other, buy equipment and items, and customize virtually everything they own. Customization is done through terminals that can be found through the district. Clothes, cars, and more can be customized not only in color and appearance, but by adding player created decals/logos to them. Additionally, if players have the necessary talent, they can use a terminal to create their own short musical pieces, which will be played for an opponent when you kill them in the game.

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