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All Points Bulletin Won't Be Saved By Codemastes

Whether you love or are of the same opinion as me on All Points Bulletin it's likely you're interested what will happen with the game now that Real Time Worlds has shut down service. Rumors were circulating for the past few weeks now that the game will be saved by another developer purchasing it.

The most likely candidate on the rumor list recently was fellow British developer and publisher Codemasters. This has now officially been quashed as David Solari the Online General Manager of Codemasters explained to Eurogamer "We have not picked up APB Gold. I can answer you definitively," he said, "we haven't picked that up."

Solari previously spoke to Eurogamer to voice his opinion that its highly likely that assets of APB will be picked up, if not the game itself as a whole then certainly elements of it, like the games highly advanced character customization feature.

Next developer on the rumor list to save APB Gold is Epic, we're still waiting for an official word from them.

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