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Dark Age of Camelot v1.96 is Live

The Dark Age of Camelot have announced the version 1.96. The following are the new thins added in this version:1. player controlled mounts will now allow players to travel at the same speed as the Spe..


DAOC features multiple class

Players quest, fight monsters, form guilds and eventually gain enough power to defend their Realm from enemies. Dark Age of Camelot has received critical acclaim, including Online Game of the Year by ..


About the guide of Dark age of Camelot

Dark age of Camelots view, I played for some time, but also say something:DAOC Platinum, invincible now revised to 6, there was invincible plus 2 sticks, bow a little, the Master that the soldiers lea..


Dark age of Camelot money Manual

Dark age of Camelot because I do not like leveling but specializing in money road. I hope to personal experience to make you avoid the embarrassment of money.DAOC Platinum almost the bar. Well, began ..


Dark age of Camelot:Gem Cutting Guide

Dark age of Camelot players. Hope it is helpful for your adventure. Each recipe needs a gem and a kit, the gem is a body drop and the kit is bought from Merhcants in the harvesting areas (Lachish Plai..


Dark Age of Camelot 3

While the older games kind of happened then evolved over time, Mythic has been able to ?well lets not beat about the bush ?copy all the good bits from other games and ditch the stuff that used to real..


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