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Dark age of Camelot money Manual

Dark age of Camelot because I do not like leveling but specializing in money road. I hope to personal experience to make you avoid the embarrassment of money. 

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First introduced to the achievements of individuals to make money.

Now 42, played for a week. Possessions do not count assets and hoarding nearly 2000DAOC Platinum almost the bar.
Well, began the beginning started from the whiteboard. (PS: This method is perhaps the only practical measure in the current two)

Starting from an upgrade to the 20 recipients of funds 7W, ingot 70. At this point certainly will not save new ingot and a pass to abuse, it is very unwise.

If you are mad leveling it also said, because of his demon card to buy search like double leveling.

70 you all do not hesitate to buy into a gold ingot 7 peach, I inspected the goods under the market price of ingot, is absolutely the most profitable peach.

Search the market price of a demon is now 2-2.3W (5 个 ingot). A double-Dan 8-8.5W (20 个 ingot), peach 4.5DAOC Platinum (10 个 ingot)

This is the best-selling ingot above products, do not doubt sell peach 4.5W, 4.5W one guy I fight to get.

7 peaches sold after about 32W with a 40W to send it. This 40W, but after the principal Oh, not to abuse.

To 20 after helping run his business into a bar, run their own business to the next forum to find the experience very simple. Not only capital accumulation, but also get high experience.

30 The following run business that do not need a lot of people, but the next individual test. 20 absolutely can run down to 30 day level, but also about time a 1.5DAOC Platinum funds.

Counted for an hour 5 times a day, 14 hours open service, 2 hours away to spend time. There are 12 hours, 12 hours will have to run 65 times or so.

60W + own experience but also to the accumulation of more and more, there are workers to take. Tribute, but a good thing to help, learn the skills necessary gangs. Skills are also an income after the gang oh. Can not be ignored!

(PS: is very tired, I admit. But as a good businessman determination is essential, and this will only last 1-2 days)

Door every day to do the division, even if the division level 20 door 20 times a day income certainly 10W +. And easy. Experience high.

Well, money should be 100W, and 20W when the start-up capital away, buy buy equipment and the like.

It 80W put the rest of the warehouse, quack, fit to keep their own e-mail with U, a time limit, oh.

With the bottom of my heart there is a guarantee for start-up capital. I pay attention to explain the next few business points.

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